What we focus on

Our strategy is to simplify Aviva into a leading international savings, retirement and insurance business delivering for our customers, shareholders and communities.

Our business is built on making promises and commitments?

We promise to pay out when a customer is burgled, or their business is hit by a flood. We commit to help customers if they fall ill, or to make the most of their savings to pay for the retirement they want.

Our customers need to trust that we will deliver on those promises. Trust is earned, not given. It can only come from what we do, not what we say.

What our customers want

People value simplicity, speed and convenience. They deserve reliable service, good value and transparent communication. They expect us to take a stand to help make their lives and their world a better place.

How the world is changing

We also understand the fast-changing world around us. The climate crisis is an existential risk to our industry along with the planet. Advances in technology are changing what consumers expect. Our societies are getting older and focusing more on health and sustainability.

Aviva’s scale, diversity and expertise make us more resilient and adaptable to the changes going on around us all. They also make us better able to both help our customers and give them the power to make the difference they want in the world.

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Our strategic priorities

We will deliver great customer outcomes whether for a private individual or a corporate client.

This means we will focus our products on giving our customers what they need to save, retire and protect what matters to them. And we will keep working to improve how we serve those customers?and our partners.

To do that we need to excel at the fundamentals.

We will aim for excellence at underwriting, claims management investment performance and cost efficiency. We will use data and analytics to continually improve our performance. We will attract and retain the best people,?developing a highly engaged team.

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There for our customers today and in the future.

And we will invest in sustainable growth, so that we will be with our customers for the long-term.

We will invest carefully with a clear, commercial focus. We will?be selective with the opportunities we pursue and invest where we can generate economic returns and long-term value for shareholders.

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We can help our customers save for the future, navigate retirement and insure what matters most to them. Our customers will choose us not simply because we can offer everything in one place. They will choose us because we are the best at what we do.